Das Buch ist aktuell nur in English verfügbar, eine deutsche Version ist in Planung.

Book: Automate ASP Core

is an alternative way to create and scaffold Razor Pages , Razor Views, MVC Controller with out using TT or T4 Files.

You will get this Book with the link to the source code of the used program. You can expand the program as needed. The book will describe everything in Detail.

Often, we are developing data driven software with 40 to 50 tables. To increase efficiency and reduce costs we used TT Files to automate as much as possible. With the reduced support and the agile changing of the views to pages, regular ASP Core versions updates, Bootstrap updates and so on, this results in the impossibility to deal with these circumstances anymore. To create early previews for the customer, enhanced with a bunch of standard functions, we don’t love doing this by hand. We want to enhance features and do not waste our time for repeating standards. On the other hand, tools like Roslyn are getting more serious and they are not often used currently to support Model building and creating files. We want to close the gap and support you to automate the ASP Core with Entity Framework for creating Models, controllers, views and pages.

Additionally, features we will focus on:

We will focus on the most important data annotations and variable types. If you need more or different one, please add them easily. In the chapters we will describe the how to do in detail. The created code will follow the code in Microsoft Docs. We give you a small web application with only 3 tables showing the implemented features as an example. We try to find in this book the balance between an expert and an intermediate.

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